I am sorry to report that I have not been writing much of anything since finishing that big push with my writing partner in February. (But we did finish! The project is currently in waiting mode while others make decisions about it. If there is news on that front, I will certainly let you know.)

I caught some horrible winter nastiness in late February and didn’t really recover for about eight weeks, after which…I fell ill again with something else entirely. So it’s been a Netflix heavy spring for me, rather than a writing heavy one. But I have high hopes for the month of May in which I mean to get a lot done on that science fiction project I told you about long, long ago (in a galaxy far, far away? Feels like it!)

I have some old friends who are absolutely certain that my terrible immune system is passed down to me cosmically from a former incarnation in which I was a consumptive suffragette who wrote scathing political op-eds to Boston newspapers from my sick bed, dictated to my devoted romantic friend-slash-secretary.

The older I get, the more plausible this explanation seems.

But I have done a couple of small creative projects. It is my intention to start producing e-book covers for other writers of small budget but high standards. The reason I want to do this is because I made the cover for “Jump” and had so much fun doing it, I wanted to do more. So I solicited a couple of friends in need of covers and have been practicing on them. You can see the results here and here.

I intend to keep practicing on gullible desperate  indulgent friends in need of covers until I have a nice little portfolio of different genres of covers and then I will start charging modestly for the service. If you think I would consider you a pal, and you could use a cover, let me know. I’d like to try some different genres to get a broader range of experience.

Meanwhile, anybody read anything good lately? I’ve mostly been plowing through some nonfiction that would probably only be of interest to me, but what’s new and good in the fiction world these days?


I’m proud to say that my writing partner and I seem to be right on track with our plan to finish this novella in the month of February. It isn’t easy–we are both typing our fingers off.

For me, it helps that the weather has been terrible even for a Midwestern February. There is little temptation to do anything at night but sit by my fireplace and write. Perhaps we’ll coin a new genre called “blizzard fiction.”

A little housekeeping update: I’ve put “Jump” on Amazon, where it is listed for .99 cents (and comparable prices internationally). Amazon will not allow me to make it free, but I wanted it there for the visibility. If you would like to read it, though, DON’T give Amazon .99 cents. Go instead to Smashwords or B& (also, the iBookstore, soonish, I hope) and download it for free.

I have also started doing e-book cover design. More on that after this novella is in the can and submitted to a publisher!

Nose to the Grindstone…ouch!

I know I said I was back, and I AM. But I am also in head-down, crazy-typing mode because I did a nutty thing to myself.

I dared myself to write something in the month of February. And by “write” I mean, draft, revise, revise again and submit for publication.

The saving graces are: 1) I have a co-author for this (which is a first for me) and 2) the project is a novella, so the word goal is roughly 25K.

Additional nutty details include that this a whole new genre I’ve never written before (I just can’t seem to stop throwing myself giant learning curves with this writing thing) and, it’s a project that never appeared–not even as a twinkle in my eye–in December when I was writing up my 2014 Writing Goals and giving myself month-by-month checklists.

So, hello, goodbye…see you in two weeks when I toss this project to my writing partner. Meanwhile, happy Black History month. Go read a good book. This one, maybe.

I’m Back!

I have to apologize for falling off the blogging wagon for so long. My main excuse is a broken wrist which has kept me from writing much more than can be thumb-typed on a phone keyboard.

But also, I’ve just been lazy. I have some posts to share with you, but I’m also interested in hearing from you (if indeed you are even still around!) if there is anything you’d like to hear about in my reading or writing life.

So drop me a message in one of my various electronic outlets (including, of course, this one!) and let me know if you have a burning question.