My favorite cafe these days is an independent one about six blocks from my kids’ school. I can drop the little one in the afternoon (the big one heads out with her other mom in the morning and stays all day) and squeeze almost three hours of work in before picking them both up again. This place has excellent music, that, somehow, doesn’t drive me nuts when I’m trying to write, nice workers (who are very much overworked, as the management underschedules) and comfy furniture.

In addition, it’s one of those cafes that have used books all over the place–shelves and shelves of them.  Northwestern University is nearby and somehow, I always end up sitting near theology–or other subdivisions of religion–graduate students. Occasionally you can find Jurgen Habermas in the German or an Oxford Annotated NRSV Bible slipped in among the Danielle Steele hardcovers and Penguin Classic paperbacks on the shelves. I like to sit on the sofa, by one of the larger bookshelves and pile the books up like this to make a little coffee table for myself.

You can’t do that with an e-reader. (Well, I guess you could, if you had a big pile of them, but where are you going to find a pile of them? And you really shouldn’t set your teacup on a pile of electronics–for so many reasons.)

Oh and they serve tea in giant beer steins. Really, I swear, that was English Breakfast. I don’t even like beer.

Where do you like to work?


3 thoughts on “Workplace

  1. Well, not five, but two and sometimes three. I have to fit grocery shopping, laundry, car maintenance, illness recovery, and sundry other occupations and errands into the same slot.

  2. The cafe sounds wonderful. I live on a ravine in west Michigan and like to sit at the window and keep an eye on the bird feeders, and watch for deer. It is a little distracting, but comforting, too. My children are grown and I no longer have to do anything else but write. However, that takes discipline. I am really impressed that you are able to accomplish what you do with small kids.

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