Coming Soon to an E-Reader Near YOU

I have a big announcement to make. I have signed a contract to publish one of my novels with Musa Publishing, a small, e-first general interest press with several specialty imprints. Here is a little bit about the book:

jack-510Born a girl during the U.S. Civil War, Jack has been passing as a boy in the slums of Five Points, Manhattan since running away from an orphans’ home at age eight. He makes his living at petty thievery, surviving pocket watch-to-pocket watch until he discovers a talent for gambling. But by nineteen, Jack’s ambitions are beginning to outgrow his frayed clothes. He spends his days dreaming of striking it rich and finding his childhood sweetheart, Lucy, who left with her mother for the West four years ago. When the opportunity to steal a diamond necklace for a wealthy client comes his way he takes it. But finishing the job may require much more than he bargained for—especially since the diamonds are in the hands of Lucy’s rapacious stepfather, in a rowdy mining town in the Arizona Territory.

Jack will be published in September of 2013 under the Erato imprint of Musa, its GLBT interest imprint. But I hope any and everybody will give Jack a read. Plenty of people who don’t identify as queer have read and enjoyed it in its long journey to this point.

Meanwhile, get those e-readers ready! Jack will be released exclusively electronically, at least as of current plans.


9 thoughts on “Coming Soon to an E-Reader Near YOU

  1. This is awesome. I’m looking very much forward to it! I’m sure that when it is reading level appropriate for her, my youngest will love it. My oldest will probably enjoy it, too. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  2. I’ve told my own kids they can read it when they’re 16 if that helps!
    I originally wrote it geared towards an older young adult audience, but it is going to be released more generally.

  3. Keep me posted Shannon as we have a K***le now and I can buy your book even in Italy!

  4. Yea! I will be keeping everyone posted. My only hope is that I don’t annoy people with how posted I keep them!

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  6. Ohhhh sounds great, let us know when it’s reader for e readers.
    Not sure if this is of interest or not, but my fiends wife wrote an award winning lesbian young adult novel called Dare Truth or Promise. It was pretty controversial as it won the children’s book of the year award (back in about 2000), if you’d like to read it then the authors name is Paula Boock. Oh and here’s a link on Amazon:

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