Last Minute Jitters

Yesterday, I had this horrible feeling that Jack is going to be a big party I throw that no one comes to. All of sudden, it seemed entirely possible that the day after Jack is released will be exactly like the day before it was released and No One will EVER buy it. Or even read it, if I try to give it away for free.

Then, today, I had this encounter in a bookstore where by chance I met a guy who edits the arts section of a newspaper and I was all but sullen with him about my book coming out soon. Then it took me forever to find a business card. Then I got in my car and thought, “I can’t do an interview! My hair looks just awful!” and I decided I needed a classy, stylish cut asap, because I am just too middle-aged and sloppy to be a writer.

Pause for laughter. I know. “Middle-Aged and Sloppy” should pretty much be every writer’s byline.

But sullen…not so good.

I don’t know, y’all. I’ve never been a wiz at selling myself. I can sell other people and other stuff (for other people) but myself? I am counting on the happy whims of a generous universe to take care of it for me. I have a feeling it’s going to require a little more legwork than that, huh?

Advice? Sedatives? Anyone? Please?


4 thoughts on “Last Minute Jitters

  1. I’m LOVING your Eden story (this post prompted me to go read it.) I’m up to chapter 12. People will come to your party, I’m sure of it.

  2. increase your presence on social media, blog a lot, get folks talking! word of mouth is huge. your release is the day before my birthday, and i’m definitely buying a copy of JACK for myself!

    • Well, hey, happy birthday from me! I will not let anyone get through the week without knowing Jack is out, but I feel kinda worried about inundating people with buy-my-book spam, too…
      I guess it’s a fine line.

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