Nose to the Grindstone…ouch!

I know I said I was back, and I AM. But I am also in head-down, crazy-typing mode because I did a nutty thing to myself.

I dared myself to write something in the month of February. And by “write” I mean, draft, revise, revise again and submit for publication.

The saving graces are: 1) I have a co-author for this (which is a first for me) and 2) the project is a novella, so the word goal is roughly 25K.

Additional nutty details include that this a whole new genre I’ve never written before (I just can’t seem to stop throwing myself giant learning curves with this writing thing) and, it’s a project that never appeared–not even as a twinkle in my eye–in December when I was writing up my 2014 Writing Goals and giving myself month-by-month checklists.

So, hello, goodbye…see you in two weeks when I toss this project to my writing partner. Meanwhile, happy Black History month. Go read a good book. This one, maybe.