I’m proud to say that my writing partner and I seem to be right on track with our plan to finish this novella in the month of February. It isn’t easy–we are both typing our fingers off.

For me, it helps that the weather has been terrible even for a Midwestern February. There is little temptation to do anything at night but sit by my fireplace and write. Perhaps we’ll coin a new genre called “blizzard fiction.”

A little housekeeping update: I’ve put “Jump” on Amazon, where it is listed for .99 cents (and comparable prices internationally). Amazon will not allow me to make it free, but I wanted it there for the visibility. If you would like to read it, though, DON’T give Amazon .99 cents. Go instead to Smashwords or B& (also, the iBookstore, soonish, I hope) and download it for free.

I have also started doing e-book cover design. More on that after this novella is in the can and submitted to a publisher!