Free! Free!

I wrote a short prequel to Jack and as of today it is free for download at the Musa Publishing website. Here’s a teaser excerpt from the story:

Annabella’s head swam. She felt as trapped as a fly in amber. “I thought you wanted to marry Mrs. Banks,” was all she could say.

“I admit it. I did intend to marry that woman, but when I saw you…I knew that you and I had something special in common.”

Annabella was shaking her head.

“Now this rumor has reared up, I fear marrying anyone in New York is out of the question. I do not intend to ever be Edward Landrieu again.” He stood and lit another cigarette.

“I apologize for shocking you,” he walked again to the fireplace. “And I apologize for rushing you. But I am afraid I will need your answer within a day. I have two tickets for Friday’s steamer to Liverpool and I will be on it with or without you. The child of course, will remain here.”

Annabella drew a long breath. “In that case, Mr. Landrieu, I am afraid that—”

“That is not all.” He cut her off. “If you decline my offer, I have written a detailed letter to Mrs. Sterling about my suspicions concerning your past. Mrs. Banks may be an outsider who fails to see the impropriety of keeping you on, but Mrs. Sterling will counsel her wisely in this area, I am certain. You will not get a character reference from anyone in New York for a new position, I assure you.”

Annabella stared at him.

“Please forgive me, dear girl.” Mr. Landrieu looked almost truly concerned, but he went on smoking. “I do hate to be so ugly about it. But you must realize that you cannot go on deluding these people forever. Your child—she is growing and soon enough you will need to find a decent place for her. Why not give her over to someone who can provide her with an education and employment?”

Annabella’s face grew stormy. “You cannot be suggesting that I give my own child to strangers?”

“I know a home right here in the city where good Catholic sisters raise girls like yours to live productive, happy lives.”

“Catholic sisters? An orphan’s home?”

“Annabella, there is no place for that child in our scheme.”

Our? She had agreed to nothing.

Mr. Landrieu raised an eyebrow. “You can stay here and perish on the sword of your motherly duty—taking her down with you no doubt—or you can leave her in the best of hands and come with me.

Download it for any reading device here.


Eden is Back

edencover - Version 2As promised, if a bit later than promised, R-rated  Eden is now available in ebook (only kindle or kindle apps for now) form for $2.99 US. Hopefully a paperback form will be coming soon, too.

Now that I’ve edited it as much as I’m going to–at least for the foreseeable future–I’ve also re-opened the pay-what-you-like (including nothing) PG-13  Eden blog.

So, enjoy Eden at whatever cost you choose!

Getting Back to Writing/Taking Back the Time

I had big plans to finish the first draft of my work-in-progress this summer. I was going to edit it by January and start querying agents in February.


I didn’t know how much work it would be to get a book ready for publication. But it was enough work that my few hours per week of time to do anything other than be a mom were eaten up with it.

So I have done very little original writing since June. And I am really looking forward to getting back to it. I still have that science fiction book set in the future to finish and I have a whole new YA time-travel novel to plot out. Then there’s a possible sequel to Jack to consider (I haven’t decided whether to write one or not) and a prequel to Eden that has been in the back of my head for ages. (It is Eleanor’s story, for those who follow Eden.)

I don’t know how I will ever have the time to write all of those, but I want to do them all. I have a couple of novellas up my sleeve too.

watchSomeone asked me recently how I find the time to write. The answer is, I really don’t have time to write. I have an hour or two between the kids’ bedtime and my brain turning to mush. But I don’t even have that reliably every day. I try to write (or this summer, to revise and proof) in that time. It’s slow going. But I am a fast writer (by comparison to most writers I know, at least) so that helps, I guess.

How about you? When do you make (since no one just “has”) time to write?